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Vermont Family Apartments

In the middle of South Los Angeles -- a highly dense, urban area -- residents of the 49-unit Vermont Family Housing project feel a sense of community where the landscape design plays an important role. We developed a healthy, interactive property where residents are busy learning how to grow, harvest and use the edibles they plant on-site, take ownership of their exterior environment, and invest in their surroundings. We crafted progressive solutions to the public spaces by inviting residents to plant and nurture edible gardens while the public gardening programs offered support activities.

We transformed the streetscape and front yard garden and soften the urban, highly dense built-environment by using the principle of sustainability. A focus was placed on using native and drought tolerant planting species. Fencing was designed to enhance the environment and garden while providing an added level of comfort and security for residents. Meandering decomposed granite paths invite residents to experience the garden up close as well as softening the urban environment.

Photography: Art Gray


Y+M Architects; Meta Housing Corporation.