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Ten Residence

The cleverly designed space for this family of five has become a year-long outdoor living room. Now, the private garden, which captured the front yard, provides enjoyment throughout all seasons and for a variety of purposes. On summer nights, the family hosts a Neighborhood Film Festival, showing movies on a temporary screen set against the side of the house. The children use the space to do art projects, stage dance performances and complete homework with the help of the wireless internet. For their parents, the yard allows for adult entertaining, including professional meetings with work colleagues. Creative design elements such as the Yin/Yang Fountain serve as conversation pieces and add visual interest to the space.

A redwood fence with plexi panels was installed, maintaining privacy while bringing in street light. Secret storage areas, a welcoming fountain and edible and medicinal plantings were also part of the design to create a space that is user-friendly, flexible and sustainable.