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Temple Judea

The creative design solutions for this project transform and unify exterior environments into a versatile space that accommodate a variety of programmatic uses with temple congregants of all ages. Our inspiration weaved the needs of a multi-generational community, formal and informal educational environments, and cultural context into a usable, flexible tapestry of shaded, contemplative and worship areas; outdoor classroom space; edible-learning gardens; and easily accessible gathering areas for celebrations and holidays.

Our design decisions grew from historical references, site-specific elements, art and life-experiences. The contextualization of this project allowed us to thoughtfully craft a campus that witnesses many rites of passage. We wanted the outdoor spaces to mirror the functionality of the indoor spaces by uniting multi-generational congregants in a place of worship, communal areas for celebrations and gatherings, and a religious school.

Photography: Art Gray


Herman Coliver Locus Architects (HCL Architects)