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Shiflett Residence

The owners of this Pacific Palisades home and garden tasked us with creating a garden that captures the front yard to increase the size of their backyard; incorporates kid-friendly elements for their children; and provides privacy for family and friends who love to gather on the property. We designed a calming retreat for the busy life of a Grammy-winning alternative rock musician and a space where he could unwind with his kids and wife.

As you approach the property, a path lined with an allee of trees and ornamental grasses leads to the front door to the property. Once inside the property, visitors meander along a walkway bookend by two fountains toward the front door. There are ample play areas including a basketball court, climbing structure, ample lawn for the various ball games, a swimming pool and spa. Several seating, lounging and dining areas are spread throughout the property to accommodate the family’s entertaining.