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Santa Monica Beach Green

Through a series of community meetings hosted by our partner – the City of Santa Monica, the public was able to participate in the development of this project. We converted an overflow parking lot of 83 asphalt spaces into Beach Green Park. We carefully crafted .62 acres of turf on the beach into a multi-use recreational space, which reduces the urban heat island effect. Structural soil allows the turf to be utilized for parking on peak days, while the rest of the year the site functions as recreational greenspace. It is watered by a solar-powered irrigation system and filters stormwater before it enters the bay. A custom enclosure of fences and gates, inspired by Utilitarian snow fencing defines edges of the multi-purpose space. Finally, native plantings around the perimeter of the site thrive with low maintenance and create an opportunity for the public to appreciate California’s unique flora.

It is hoped that the success of this innovative project will become a template for more projects in the future.


City of Santa Monica; Guise and Associates