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Mendel Residence

Located in Los Angeles’ San Fernando Valley, this contemporary garden paradise provides a welcome retreat from the otherwise hectic life of owner and Grammy-winning musician. We were charged with creating a serene escape for the owner and his family.

The landscape design took its cue from the architecture - a 1953 ranch house re-conceptualized into a sleek and seamless modern abode by Scrafano Architects. The landscape plays off the architect’s rectilinear forms with long axes and crisp geometry throughout the hardscape paths, decks and planting areas. We crafted a whimsical connection from the strong, modern main entrance to the side yards with an angular, meandering path that links the property.

Harkening back to the area’s agrarian past, we planted an allee of a dozen organic orange trees, which also serves as a transition to the pool area. Throughout the property are small, intimate breathing spaces to sit and read, unwind and play music.


Scrafano Architects