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Courtyard at La Brea

Courtyard at La Brea is a 32-unit, sustainably designed apartment community serving low-income households, transitional youth (18-26 years who were formerly homeless or transitioning out of foster care), and people living with disabilities including HIV/AIDS.

An important, but invisible feature of the lush, shared courtyard garden is its gray-water system. We thoughtfully designed a ‘laundry to landscape’ system to filter and utilize used water for irrigation. Additionally, the courtyard serves as a gathering space for residents or a quiet zone away from the street. In keeping with WHCHC’s mission to develop and advocate for sustainable and healthy affordable housing, we wanted to design an outdoor space that makes a difference to the residences and the environment.

Other sustainable features the design team developed include: a solar system providing power, solar-heated water so residents get free hot water, an edible garden, as well as the use of efficient building systems and materials.

Photography: Art Gray


Patrick Tighe Architecture; John Mutlow Architecture; West Hollywood Community Housing Corporation.