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Copses Residence

This property is situated on a mountaintop with expansive views across the Santa Monica Mountains. With a passion for modern architecture and art, the clients wanted a garden that reflected their aesthetic. We crafted a design framework programming outdoor rooms for living and entertaining, incorporating sweeping views, generating usable spaces throughout the site, while maintaining a family-friendly environment.

We weaved the clients' favored planting palette - succulents and exotic plants - intensively throughout the garden. Koi ponds, another passion, became part of the entry sequence. The rear garden took advantage of the property’s edge and was augmented with natural grasses and floating platforms with a place to relax, socialize by an outdoor fireplace, and take in the view. Concrete is used as a unifying thread that joins the spaces together, sometimes solid and in other places becoming eroded walls and walkways of gravel. Additionally, we custom designed pieces for the clients including: a dining table with laser cut tile within a steel frame and a retractable shade structure--a grid of six custom canopies with integral lighting, and Ipe wood inserts.