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Callendar Residence

The front and back gardens to this private residence needed to blend rustic and modern design elements to incorporate the varied needs and interests of the homeowners and family.

We created a gradual approach to the front of this private residence. A series of semi-circle and rectilinear spaces take you up stairs to a custom-built gate; gradual approach to front using brick and blue stone.

The back garden has a series of rooms including: a kid-friendly lawn panel and brick risers with lawn treds as set of stairs, edible raised beds, and quiet reading nook. To address the owner’s passion for roses – we used a single species in a clean, intentional design while complimenting this area with a grids of three different species of lavender intersperse with additional drought tolerant planting giving the landscape a lush feeling. We designed a modern shape to pool with planting joints in between rectilinear pavers. To attract butterflies and wildlife we added white wisteria on trellis to give floral feel and mature olive tree were brought in to give the project a sense of age.