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Barker Block

Barker Block Warehouse No.1 is a residential community in the creative center of the Los Angeles Arts District. This collection of 68-lofts re-imagines the original Barker Brothers factory and warehouse.

Our inspiration for this award-winning, vibrant, innovative design developed from an increasing interest in providing residents with a sense of community within the framework of a multi-residential building. To bring the community together, we crafted a serene central open-air courtyard with a sense of wonder, varied hardscape, hammocks and love seats suspended from rafters. We thoughtfully programmed a lively garden-themed outdoor lounge with a green canopy, water fountain, fireplace, and intimate seating areas for dining and entertaining. Working closely with the whole design team, we took a "slice" out of the middle of the warehouse to plant a series of large, established camphor trees. This design decision not only developed a green canopy in an otherwise urban, dense environment, it gives the illusion that Barker Block was built around the trees.

Photography: Mark Singer


The Kor Group; Nakada + Associates