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We are a team of landscape architects and designers who are passionate about how the landscape evolves with time and use. At the heart of the firm’s award-winning work is our ability to enhance the built space by paying close attention to how people interact with and inhabit their environment.

As a full service design firm, we are deeply invested in the entire environment by blending our varied interests and collective expertise to craft creatively programmed exterior spaces that reveal a sense of beauty, discovery, cohesiveness and sustainability. We create an overall identity and vision for every project by exploring and developing thoughtful, climatically appropriate, site-specific landscapes that connect people with their outdoor space. Ultimately, our innovative design solutions bridge the complex relationship between architecture and the landscape making each project feel like a destination with longevity of style.


Our process cultivates a true collaborative atmosphere that encourages imaginative thinking, exploration, and discovery. Uniting our technical expertise in architecture, horticulture, design, and spatial planning; and our ever-growing passion for sustainable planting principles, art, travel, historical references, and materials research with the client’s vision reveals opportunities to craft dynamic outdoor spaces. We find this leads to successful designs that are expressive of the client’s needs and infused with our thoughtful approach to each project.


Our enthusiasm for all facets of design fosters a curiosity toward a varied collection of projects and clients that celebrate and cultivate interaction and comfort for users and inhabitants. This dedication to an eclectic portfolio continues to enhance, inform, and challenge each design from becoming predictable and stagnant leading to the creation of beautifully designed, thoughtful environments people want to be in.


Our talented team of landscape architects and designers are seeking an addition to the team.

Mid-level Landscape Designer or Landscape Architect
Knowledgeable of and willing to contribute to all phases of the landscape design process from planning and concept design through construction documents + administration; is a lover of design and possess strong design skills; and willing to work on a diverse collection of project types including: private residential, mixed-use market rate, affordable housing, commercial, and institutional.

Minimum 2+ years professional experience in Landscape Architecture or Architecture firm; Holds a Bachelor's or Master's Degree in Landscape Architecture; proficient in AUTO CAD, Sketch-Up, Adobe Illustrator, InDesign + Photoshop, Rhino and Vectorworks as well as hand sketching; can demonstrate experience through all phases of design + construction documents; good project management / coordination skills and strong interpersonal and communication skills. MTLA, Inc. offers a competitive compensation package with experience.

To apply, please submit by email only a cover letter, resume and portfolio (10MB max) to jody@marktessier.com

Mark Tessier

"We want the outdoor experience to become a destination in its own right."

Owner and Principal, Mark Tessier, ASLA, leads a studio of talented and committed architects and designers on a diverse collection of residential, market-rate, commercial, institutional, hospitality, municipal and affordable multi-family housing complexes.

Mark's primary interest is the realization of projects from their conceptual ideas into a structured framework that allow the landscape to grow, adapt and develop with time. He continues to explore the integration of sustainable design principles in projects both large and small.

Mark's passion for the aesthetics of his outdoor surroundings began at a young age. He wanted to connect people with their environment in surprising ways. Ultimately directing his curiosity toward the profession of Landscape Architecture and Design, Mark began his education with an emphasis on Horticulture and later focused his studies on Landscape Architecture. His varied interests are influenced by an insatiable curiosity for art, travel, historical references, and product and materials research. He thoughtfully blends his passion and experience to design innovative spatial layouts that make exterior environments more desirable, sustainable, and accessible.

Prior to opening his Santa Monica-based office in 2004, Mark was senior associate in charge of the Landscape Architecture Studio for Rios Clementi Hale Studios. Through his work and own exploration, Mark's vision for his own company developed – a firm grounded in solid design that utilized sustainability as a core principle. Additionally, Mark wanted to create a culture that encourages his team to explore outside interests that fuel creativity, development and growth.

Joshua Rosen

Joshua is involved in all aspects of Landscape Architecture from design to project planning, implementation and management. As a licensed landscape architect, he is passionate about the use of a diverse, climactically-appropriate plant palette, sustainable design practices and environmentally sensitive solutions to projects. Joshua holds an advanced degree in landscape architecture and undergraduate majors in philosophy and organizational change. He combines these perspectives to design environments that have artistic, sustainable and social integrity.

Joshua continually refreshes his knowledge of the latest developments in the profession of Landscape Architecture through coursework in 3D computer modeling, Southern California’s native plant material, innovations in irrigation, and is a Certified Sustainable Professional with the City of Santa Monica.

Prior to joining Mark Tessier Landscape Architecture, Inc. in 2006, Joshua worked for design firms in Hawaii and Los Angeles, gaining valuable experience in a variety of project types and scales, specializing in plant materials and water feature design. Joshua further explores his passions for design with an obsession for airplants. His experimentation has led to the development of Airplantman – a company that creates spaces and products specifically designed for Tillandsia.

Jessica Gramcko

Jessica strives to design landscapes that maximize the spatial and environmental sensibility of a site while upholding sensitivity to the projects inhabitants. She creates site-specific environments that balanced the needs of the users – families, children, and community — with the existing spaces.

Prior to joining Mark Tessier Landscape Architecture, Inc., Jessica developed her sense of regional appropriateness and sense of place during architecture and planning work in New Orleans, Portland and Los Angeles as well as landscape design work in France.

Jessica’s interest in how a community interacts with its surrounding landscape has led her to participate in artist Fritz Haeg’s “Wildflowering L.A” – a project which brings a wild and beautiful seasonal native landscape to open plots and culminating in an exhibition and tour. Additionally, Jessica explores design by experimenting with building and planting material in her free time.

Elijah George

Elijah is passionate about landscape architecture, and is focused on the creation of beautiful landscapes that both enrich the human environment and the natural systems which we depend on. As an ISA Certified Arborist, he appreciates the beauty and subtleties of the natural world. As a LEED Green Associate, Elijah is driven to better understand how to preserve it.

Before joining Mark Tessier Landscape Architecture, Inc., Elijah worked in design build firms in Florida and California. His hands-on experience in the field has helped to refine his understanding of materials and how they can be implemented in order to showcase existing site features.

Elijah is interested in the structural and aesthetic integrity of salvaged architectural and industrial materials. He enjoys incorporating pieces from the past into new designs, and believes that there are certain patinas that only time and weather can create.

Lucie Siggins

Lucie was immersed in nature and influenced by the outdoors throughout her childhood as a California native. This connection to the landscape would eventually lead her on a circular path away from and back to California.

Before joining the team at Mark Tessier Landscape Architecture, Inc., Lucie honed her refined, minimalist design sensibility through her degree in Studio Art from Loyola Marymount and her work in architecture and interior design in San Francisco and New York. Being inspired by the potential to enhance the quality one’s life through design as well as understanding the profound impact nature had on her own aesthetic, Lucie returned to school to earn a Master Degree in Landscape Architecture from the University of Georgia. She eventually returned to Southern California to combine her love of California’s diverse landscape and her desire to bring people closer to the earth with her passion for design.

Lucie is interested in creating environments that focus on both aesthetics and experience simultaneously, reducing elements to their essentiality to create a heightened, but quiet awareness of nature. Ultimately, she believes that a person’s connection to the landscape can both calm and contribute to a happier, healthier life.

Jody Labb

Jody identifies ways to expand Mark Tessier Landscape Architecture, Inc. through her love of design, insatiable curiosity and thoughtful approach to holistically developing the business. She shapes the firm’s overall brand, cultivates client relationships and works to grow the business. As an advocate for promoting good design, Jody shares MTLA, Inc.'s work to generate new and exciting opportunities for the company.

Jody is involved in many aspects of the firm from public relations and proposal writing to brand development and operations. She draws from her early work in New York and Los Angeles - as an arts advocate, communications and public relations strategist, project manager and development specialist in the nonprofit, private and public sectors - to create a unified message, expand the business and produce results.

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